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> 1. The Unseen God
>> From the word's of Apollo and the mediocre verse of his priestess,
> right at the beginning in Thebes.
> "I send you to the God Unseen!
> Whose temple lies in Death's terrene!
> Then you shall learn why He's not seen."
> and : "Long after, you will find what you seek in the dead city."
> I assume that "the God Unseen" is the really truly God or at least
> something further up the chain of comamnd than the gods encountered
> so far.
> Google says that "terrene" means "belonging to this world, not
> heavenly" so I guess "Death's terrene" = "the dead city", a real
> place, maybe in Egypt? (I hope we're not going to get some kind of
> identification of Akhenaten's Aten with the God of Moses, but I'm
> nervous ...)
> We get a bit more on the Unseen God. Outside Sestos, the Maiden
> tells Latro that the gods still meddle in the affairs of men: "Not
> often now, but the Unseen God wanes, and we are no longer lost in
> his light. We will never be wholly gone." Be good to get some kind
> of explanation for that.

Well like right in the middle of Sidon, Latro goes to the Undead city  
and it's probably one of the best scenes (very American Gods-ish) in  
the book so far. Suffice it to say, this prophecy does take place in  

Sidon has a lot of elements in it, it's a combination of all the  
previous Latro novels, The Short Sun series and contains many Gaiman  
elements (maybe Gaiman has many Wolfian elements, who knows?)

The Gods are still alive and well in Egypt in Sidon.

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