(urth) Latro & Unseen God (Possible spoiler)

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On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 20:04:00 +1100, thalassocrat at nym.hush.com said:
> Mainly I'm hoping for a good story well told, but I'm also hoping 
> that there'll be some answers to a few questions the first two 
> books left hanging for me.
> 1. The Unseen God
> >From the word's of Apollo and the mediocre verse of his priestess, 
> right at the beginning in Thebes.  
> "I send you to the God Unseen!
> Whose temple lies in Death's terrene!
> Then you shall learn why He's not seen."
> and : "Long after, you will find what you seek in the dead city."
> I assume that "the God Unseen" is the really truly God or at least 
> something further up the chain of comamnd than the gods encountered 
> so far.

Not sure I agree, since the name Hades means "unseen" and he's king of
the underworld, where there is no sunlight--plus Dis Pater is never
encountered until we're dead.

The very last chapter of _Sidon_ with its boatman and Cerberus-analog
(besides reinforcing the Latro-as-Heracles subtheme) seems to indicate
Latro is close to the particular realm in question.
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