(urth) bsharp

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Fri May 26 06:28:27 PDT 2006

Bsharp has been my nom de internet for quite a while now. I wasn't sure how 
important or revealed the members' vital statistics are for this community 
so I held back on that.  I noticed some recent interest so I guess I ought 
to pull back the curtain.  My stats are not at all fascinating, so I'll 
reveal them.  I wouldn't want a false sense of mystery to color my posts.

I am male  age 45, married (twice) with 3 kids.  I have some East Coast 
roots but have been a long time resident of Columbus, Ohio.  I was raised in 
a very mild form of Judaism but have no religious convictions. My education 
is primarily in Biology and Anthropology and my occupations have been mostly 
as an educator, social worker and currently, as a very low level bureaucrat 
in public health.

Like Thecla, I am slightly pleased that someone thought I might be of the 
opposite gender. On the other hand, though my educational and occupational 
background gives me a familiarity with such odd topics as homsexuality, 
pedophila and transvestitism I have no personal inclinations in those 
directions. (so remember that in regard to some of my future posts! lol).

I've read 5th Head of Cerberus, BotNS + Urth religiously, and most of 
Wolfe's other older books.  I read the Long Sun series and felt the first 
book was almost as good as Severian's tale but I was disappointed by the 
last book and never got to the Short Sun or later work.  I think I will now 
have to do that. But, as is obvious, I have a lot of issues to resolve in 
BotNS first.

Thanks to all for giving me such a warm welcome!


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