(urth) bsharp

Transentient transentient at gmail.com
Fri May 26 06:41:19 PDT 2006

> I've read 5th Head of Cerberus, BotNS + Urth religiously, and most of
> Wolfe's other older books.  I read the Long Sun series and felt the  
> first
> book was almost as good as Severian's tale but I was disappointed  
> by the
> last book and never got to the Short Sun or later work.  I think I  
> will now
> have to do that. But, as is obvious, I have a lot of issues to  
> resolve in
> BotNS first.

Short Sun is really really excellent - I'm just on my first tour  
through the works of Gene Wolfe myself,  but I really like Short Sun  
best out of the big cycle. You really have to read BoTNS and BoTLS to  
fully enjoy it, but getting through BoTLS is well worth it. 

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