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On 5/14/06, JWillard <aldenweer at charter.net> wrote:
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> How about theoubliette-wiki? (OED says: "A secret dungeon, access to
> which was gained only through a trapdoor above...") It seems we've all
> fallen into this particular oubliette. And Wolfe mentions its
> etymological significance as "a place of forgetting" - which seems
> appropriately ironic for a venture trying to do the opposite. And who
> else would get it?

I don't really like that one. The meanings certainly are nice, but the word
is too damn  long.

Maru, you've asked about what kind of licensing we want. If you think
> public domain is all right (I agree, I don't think lots of people will
> be interested in what we're doing) then, fine. It sounds like Wikia
> wants a large audience to establish a wiki, and I don't know that we can
> provide that.

Alright, so that's two people for public domain.

I was wondering if we could do something like the portals at wikipedia:
> instead of Ancient Greece Portal, we could have an Urth Portal, Whorl
> Portal, Latro Portal, etc. It seems to me that, optimally, any one of
> these areas is begging for a tremendous amount of information, because I
> think, ultimately, we're talking about having a page for every Wolfe
> character, every Wolfe creature, flower, building, etc., every key
> concept (White Fountain, fuligin, etc.), and every theory (Severian's
> lineage; Thecla as Secret Protagonist; Severian Clones, etc.) - and
> that's just Urth. I'm sure people will want the same for The Wizard
> Knight, Peace, Fifth Head of Cerberus, etc. (I do.) If I'm just
> reiterating something you've already proposed, I apologize. But it
> seems to me we're talking about a potentially massive amount of stuff
> and will need to be laid out to accomodate that. It seems to me the
> main page of the entire wiki should focus on Wolfe: links to categories
> like biography, influences (I'd like to see more on connections between
> his work and Nabokov's, for example), bibliography, etc. and to the
> portals for the different books/series? I don't know: I'm tired and
> I'm probably just babbling a bunch of obvious things.
> Jason

Of course we can do Portals- I believe they are a  general Mediawiki
feature. But they require a lot of content to be really useful, and so it's
a bit premature IMO to discuss'em.

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