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Fri May 5 10:09:12 PDT 2006

Hethor wouldn't need special powers to move backward
in time if he had been a crewman on Tzadkiel's ship, a
la Gunnie/Burgundofara.  Speaking of which, where is
the little gray man on the ship mentioned?

I don't know about shapeshifting, but the Hethor-Purn
connection is hard to ignore -- Hethor's talk about
feeding the "dying pets," and Purn feeding the apports
and noting that most of them die.  So Purn seems a
likely candidate to me.  Unless the gray man was
working in the apport zoo too.

This wiki thing is sounding better all the time,
especially if entries included page citations.


--- Matthew King <automatthew at gmail.com> wrote:

> On May 5, 2006, at 8:21 AM, b sharp wrote:
> > Perhaps somewhere in the archives it was suggested
> that it meant  
> > Hethor
> > killed his shipmates (and ate them or fed them to
> his pets?)
> >
> More evidence that we need a wiki.  Bless Google,
> but I can't find  
> things in the archive when I need them.
> > Either way, I'll still stick to my interpretation
> on the Thecla,  
> > Hethor and
> > maybe Appian connection, for now.
> The paracoita does seem more important than a mere
> fembot, if only  
> because she is introduced in our introduction to
> Hethor.
> His immediate assumption of familiarity with
> Severian in that scene  
> struck me today.  Is it possible that Hethor lives
> backward in time?   
> Does this mesh with the theory of a fallen
> counterpart to Tzadkiel?
> I can't remember what happened at Severian's last
> encounter with  
> Hethor, which by this conjecture would be Hethor's
> first.
> Matthew
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