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Ooooo. I woudl so like to read ... h'mmm, I'm pretty sure "Hunter Lake" has
been collected ... but any of the others that haven't been?

On 6/8/06, Jordan Dennis <jordanden at gmail.com> wrote:
> My readings have been by no means exhaustive, but I can point out a few
> stories that explicitly mention families.
> "Hunter Lake"  (Science Fiction and Fantasy, Oct/Nov 2003) features a
> divorced mother and her daughter. I have this in .pdf if anyone wants it.
> "The Peppermill Man" (Fantasy & Science Fiction, Oct/Nov 1996) is about a
> boy who just had his sister die. His mother is divorced.
> "Houston, 1943" features an intact family, but the father is a travelling
> salesman.
> In "Under Hill," Princess Apple Blossom  has 526 sisters and 610 brothers. I
> really don't know if this could be counted, though, because she is a
> princess from the Chi'in dynasty.
> By the way, I have "Bea and her Bird Mother," "The Little Stranger," and
> "The Gunner's Mate" saved as .pdfs as well, if anyone would like to read
> them if they have not done so already.
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