(urth) Normal Families in Wolfe

Jordan Dennis jordanden at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 17:27:51 PDT 2006

My readings have been by no means exhaustive, but I can point out a few
stories that explicitly mention families.

"Hunter Lake"  (Science Fiction and Fantasy, Oct/Nov 2003) features a
divorced mother and her daughter. I have this in .pdf if anyone wants it.

"The Peppermill Man" (Fantasy & Science Fiction, Oct/Nov 1996) is about a
boy who just had his sister die. His mother is divorced.

"Houston, 1943" features an intact family, but the father is a travelling

In "Under Hill," Princess Apple Blossom  has 526 sisters and 610 brothers. I
really don't know if this could be counted, though, because she is a
princess from the Chi'in dynasty.

By the way, I have "Bea and her Bird Mother," "The Little Stranger," and
"The Gunner's Mate" saved as .pdfs as well, if anyone would like to read
them if they have not done so already.

Jordan D. Dennis
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