(urth) Severian's miraculous eclipse

Rex Racer rex.racerx at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 08:36:42 PDT 2006

Thank you. You have expressed it better than I, but that is largely my
point, and why I do not see the black hole being inserted in the sun
when the affirmation of life that is the first light of the FW reaches
earth. It seems to break the symbolism of the text at that point for

I see the seed of redemption preceding the need for it, but I do not
see the seeds of punishment being sown before the crime has been

On 4/26/06, Jeff Wilson <jwilson at io.com> wrote:
> Rex Racer wrote:
> > I thought that Apu Panchu heralded the beginning of the movement of the
> > New Sun (white fountain) towards Earth's sun, and not the insertion of
> > the blackhole, so that it could arrive after its long voyage to Urth a
> > the proper time after her epitome was found True.
> This isn't necessary in a Christian allegory about an eternal
> Pancreator; just as Christ was present at the Creation before there was
> anyone to be saved, it's fitting that the Pancreator, foreseeing the
> sorrowful misdeeds of mankind, sent the white fountain toward the earth
> ages before it was needed, to give it time to complete its ages-long
> journey.  Apu Punchau greets the first light of the WF reaching earth,
> but doubtless it had been on its way already.
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