(urth) TWK: Thou Art god

Chris rasputin_ at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 27 13:42:01 PST 2005

> >    "Oh, you Overcyns! Get up, please. I didn't mean to keep you kneeling 
> >the snow. Rise."
> >    I did, and her soft hand found mine. "I feel you're my friend. That 
> >truly are. I've forty knights, and not one real friend among them. Did 
> >Valfather send you?"
> >    "Yes, Your Majesty. Or at least, he let me come."
> >    She stared. "You're serious."
> >    "Entirely, Your Majesty. When I talk to others, I try to conceal it. 
> >I won't lie to you or the king. I won't even tell half truths, something 
> >do much too often."
>So you are saying that because Able didn't contradict the queen's offhand
>remark here, he is an Overcyn?  I'm not sure that's conclusive evidence.
>I still think of him as being a human with some Skai powers added.

It seems like all he directly admitted to there was that the Valfather let 
him come. But the fact that the Valfather let him come back is not something 
I recall him concealing much. Which implies that he's also admitting to 
being an Overcyn, because what else is there that he would be trying to 
conceal there?

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