(urth) TWK: Thou Art god

David DiGiacomo david at slack.com
Sun Nov 27 13:13:39 PST 2005

>    "Oh, you Overcyns! Get up, please. I didn't mean to keep you kneeling in
>the snow. Rise."
>    I did, and her soft hand found mine. "I feel you're my friend. That you
>truly are. I've forty knights, and not one real friend among them. Did the
>Valfather send you?"
>    "Yes, Your Majesty. Or at least, he let me come."
>    She stared. "You're serious."
>    "Entirely, Your Majesty. When I talk to others, I try to conceal it. But
>I won't lie to you or the king. I won't even tell half truths, something I
>do much too often."

So you are saying that because Able didn't contradict the queen's offhand
remark here, he is an Overcyn?  I'm not sure that's conclusive evidence.
I still think of him as being a human with some Skai powers added.

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