(urth) TWK: Thou Art god

Andy Robertson andywrobertson at clara.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 00:58:30 PST 2005

David DiGiacomo writes: 

> So you are saying that because Able didn't contradict the queen's offhand
> remark here, he is an Overcyn?  I'm not sure that's conclusive evidence.
> I still think of him as being a human with some Skai powers added. 

Abel is (specifically) one of the Einherjar, the chosen slain, who are 
gathered in Valhalla (or the Lady's hall Forsetti) ready for the last fight 
at Ragnarok. 

This status and this state are part of long-established Odinic theology: it 
is not something Wolfe made up.  Abel acts in exactly the way I would, er, 
expect such a being to act. 

It doesn't make him a god, but it does make him an Overcyn. 

 hartshorn, the rather nerdy Odinist

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