(urth) TWK: Thou Art god

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Sun Nov 27 12:21:20 PST 2005

Cliff quoted and wrote:
>> Able visited Skai and gained certain powers, but is it stated that he
>> became an Overcyn?  I thought it was necessary to be born into Skai
>> for
>> that.  After all, the dragons and Aelf who ascended to Mythgarthr
>> did not
>> become human.
>I am pretty sure there was some close-to-explicit mention that he
>was, in fact, an Overcyn, but I can't find it now. ;P
>I believe he said "we Overcyns" at some point...

>From the same page I cited earlier: (W, 386)
    "Oh, you Overcyns! Get up, please. I didn't mean to keep you kneeling in
the snow. Rise."
    I did, and her soft hand found mine. "I feel you're my friend. That you
truly are. I've forty knights, and not one real friend among them. Did the
Valfather send you?"
    "Yes, Your Majesty. Or at least, he let me come."
    She stared. "You're serious."
    "Entirely, Your Majesty. When I talk to others, I try to conceal it. But
I won't lie to you or the king. I won't even tell half truths, something I
do much too often."

Shortly afterwards (W, 397), Able lectured the king about the cosmology of
the seven worlds, pointedly neglecting to mention where he had spent the
last twenty years and the fact that he was an Overcyn, which fact, had he
revealed it, would have lent weight to his long-undelivered message. That
smells like a half truth to me. But, had he revealed his status as an
Overcyn, that would have cheapened his victory in the Trial by Arms, thereby
calling into question the innocence of the queen. At least, that's the only
reason I can think of not to have told him the whole truth. In any event,
his word to the queen was soon broken.


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