(urth) TWK: Thou Art god

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 27 11:29:15 PST 2005

>When Art made his vow to defend that pass, he was an overgrown kid.
>What complicates matters is the fact that when he actually undertook the
>defenses he was twenty years older, had the aid of a magic steed, and
>was a *god*. In fact, in all of his battles in the second book, after he
>came back from Skai, he was a god. That hardly seems fair. What had
>a god to fear in his contests with mere men? Death? He had already
>died and gone to Skai.

I feel some embarrassment at piling on against Roy for the crime stirring
the most interesting discussion on TWK in a while, however, here I go

Instead of defending a pass as he was tasked, he rescued the King's sister
from a dragon: dying in the endeavor. Holding a remote pass was only of
incidental value to the realm. It was primarily a punishment. By the time he
fulfills his promise, defending a pass in the name of a mere King of
Mythgarthr humiliating whereas before he probably considered it somewhat

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