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Fri Jul 22 10:02:22 PDT 2005

Ha! I just got mine back from loaning it to another list member, and I
have to confess, given the high cost of potentially replacing it, I
was chomping on my nails during the entire loan period.

But it came back in perfect condition, and everybody involved was
happy. (Well, except for Mantis, who could have made $$$ off the
situation if only the infernal thing had been even half-reasonably
available. Grrrr.)


On 7/22/05, James Wynn <thewynns at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >...one could make an argument that online copies would not
> >cannibalize a print-on-demand edition. At least for me, physical text
> >is superior to bits, and worth paying for.
> One could make that argument, but most people will never get around to actually crossing the line and buying a book -- particularly a $30 reference book -- if the same information is available for free...despite their best intentions. It's just human nature. Still, I'm surprised a third-party publisher has not successfully made a paperback offer that was financially worth Mantis' while.
> I'm very proud of my particular copy, and I only wish more Gene Wolfe fans would visit my house so I could gloat over it.
> J
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