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Bruce Franklin's collection of Vietnam war writing has a reprint from a
1968 issue of Galaxy, which includes two petitions on that war.  One is
a group of writers urging the United States to withdraw, while the other
recommends the nation remain in the fighting.  It's fascinating to read
the two lists (which are roughly equal in size) - in fact, it would make
a great teaching tool for science fiction history!

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>We must not be reading the same SF: Heinlein, Weber, Niven and/or
>Pournelle - well, I gave up on those two years ago... There is a long
>rich tradition of conservatism in SF.

That's why I said "the plurality of Sci-Fi writers" -- not even a
I have no way of ascertaining whether political liberals are in the
majority, but having gone to my share of gatherings of SF writers and
aspiring writers, I feel comfortable in saying that there were far more
liberals than conservatives there. Or perhaps the liberals and
only *thought* the liberals held an overwhelming majority there, and so
more vocal.

However, it was, I didn't find Silk's opinions on gun-ownership any more
less jarring than the omnipresent villainous corporate heads in SF
literature, or the benign and efficient socialist societies.

~ Crush

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