(urth) 5HC : Skinner, Turing and yet more Laplace

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 18 05:45:27 PST 2005

>Seems fairly foolish: such a document could save you tremendous amounts
>of trouble.
>Instance: what if you read that you were going to spend 30 years
>bouncing around
>as a penniless bum, ... you discover that it was your reason on Earth, your
>raison d'etre, to become an ink artist.  And then it says you are slated to
die of a heart
>breaking from...eat a lot of McDonalds.
>Wouldn't a youthful version of you want to skip the hellish 30 years and
>maybe make something
>of yourself as an artist before you die?

Having watched plenty of Star Trek episodes, watched the movie "Twelve
Monkeys", and read the story of Cassandra, I know that if such a document
were authentic, it would end up that way whether one read it or not.

~ Crush

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