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Andy Robertson andywrobertson at clara.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 12:57:11 PST 2005

Roy C. Lackey writes: 

> And how did Able get
> from Valhalla to Camelot, if that's the path he took? And if that wasn't the
> path, when was Able ever in Camelot? It's not related in TWK. If he was some
> sort of Eternal Champion, why was he so ignorant about everything knightly
> at the beginning of his career in Mythgarthr? 
> And how does that possibility color questions about his parentage? To say
> nothing of brother Ben.

All good questions.    Abel's stint as TGK, in my opinion, took place while 
he was in Skai - between THE KNIGHT and THE WIZARD. 

I suspect it was just one of those tasks the Valfather put his assembled 
valiant ones to - an attempt to uplift Gawain into the status of Overcyn. 

Whether it's meant to have happened in some Mythgarthyr analog of Camelot or 
whether it happened in Midgard (our world / "America,") which also lies 
under Skai,  I do not know. 

Sure sounds like Abel, though 


his body as brawny as any can be,
so bull-necked, big-thighed, bulky and square,
so long-legged, large-limbed, looming so tall
I can hardly tell if he were half troll,
or merely as large as living man can be --
a handsome one too; as hearty a hulk as ever rode horse.
His back and chest were broad as a barrel,
but he slimmed at the waist, with a slender stomach,
and his face was well formed, with features sharp
and clean -- 


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