(urth) Fava in the Whorl, and where the Neighbors went

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Sun Aug 21 05:54:06 PDT 2005

On p146 of IGJ, Fava talks about her supposed past in Grandecitta, 
the city in the Whorl where Inclito was born. "Back in Grandecitta, 
where I lived as a girl ..." 

Although it's barely possible she came to the Whorl after humans 
came to Blue, I think she was on the Whorl pre-Exodus, and that she 
probably came to Blue on one of Grandecitta's landers. (She may 
even be the "strega" in Inclito's mother's second tale, but that's 
pure speculation.) 

Maddeningly, Silkhorn never enquires how she came to the Whorl. 
Fava "dies" not long after this, but enough of her is present at 
various times to answer the question, if it had been put to her.

Her second story - the one which starts with an infant sentient 
inhuma hatching from an egg, and which Silkhorn "gets inside" - 
suggests to me that she was born on Green. Horn's appearance in the 
story was made up, so Silkhorn assures Mora, but Fava's description 
of infant inhuma life is probably from experience, given that Green 
is the only we place we know of where inhumi can be born. 

Almost certainly, Fava was put on the Whorl by Neighbors as a young 
inhuma (if "where I lived as a girl" is true & has its natural 
meaning), in pre-Exodus times. Since she was born sentient, that 
means at least one of her parents must have fed on the Whorl 
(assuming no pre-Exodus humans on Green etc). Which in turn tends 
to support the idea of Neighbors shuttling inhumi to & fro between 
Green & Whorl.

Now this of course indicates another possibility for Jahlee - the 
same kind of beginnings & placement on the Whorl as Fava; descent 
to Blue, perhaps in Horn's own lander; and a subsequent Crossing to 
Green, to give birth to Krait. I note that Krait has the appearance 
of a boy several years younger than Sinew in OBW, which would fit 
with Jahlee Crossing to Green at the first conjunction after her 
attack on Sinew, in Blue year 4.

A snippet on where the Neighbors went: Silkhorn tells Inclito's 
family, "They have gone elsewhere - found a new home circling 
another short sun." (IGJ, p72) At least from that, it seems that 
the "Neighbor Whorl" is a "real", and the Neighbors' removal there 
a physical event.

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