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>I think that the Crossing may be more of a rite of passage... If 
>competition is such a big problem, would it not
>also apply to other kinds of prey - so that Blue becomes an
>attractive hunting ground, with or without humans?

That's what I always thought. With the massive and monstrous predators on 
Green, it always seemed that the dangerous trip to Blue would be worth it 
even before the humans arrived.

>Jahlee's comments about being just a little girl when she was "put
>on the lander" on Green: I don't mind sticking with my original
>reading, that she's just pretending here.

I can't recall, was the lander at Pajarocu Auk's? Or was his the one Horn 
ended up in on Green?

>I can see what you mean with this, but the ending of RTTW is to me
>more triumphant & less elegaic than Ulysses. I take away an image
>of Silkhorn sailing thru the galaxy spreading justice & good stuff,
>not going to meet some heroic end.

No, that's what would have happened if they had stayed, if by "heroic end" 
you mean being assassinated or martyred.


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