(urth) Fava in the Whorl, and where the Neighbors went

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> On p146 of IGJ, Fava talks about her supposed past in Grandecitta, 
> the city in the Whorl where Inclito was born. "Back in Grandecitta, 
> where I lived as a girl ..." 
> Although it's barely possible she came to the Whorl after humans 
> came to Blue, I think she was on the Whorl pre-Exodus, and that she 
> probably came to Blue on one of Grandecitta's landers. (She may 
> even be the "strega" in Inclito's mother's second tale, but that's 
> pure speculation.) 
> Maddeningly, Silkhorn never enquires how she came to the Whorl. 
> Fava "dies" not long after this, but enough of her is present at 
> various times to answer the question, if it had been put to her.
> Her second story - the one which starts with an infant sentient 
> inhuma hatching from an egg, and which Silkhorn "gets inside" - 
> suggests to me that she was born on Green. Horn's appearance in the 
> story was made up, so Silkhorn assures Mora, but Fava's description 
> of infant inhuma life is probably from experience, given that Green 
> is the only we place we know of where inhumi can be born. 
> Almost certainly, Fava was put on the Whorl by Neighbors as a young 
> inhuma (if "where I lived as a girl" is true & has its natural 
> meaning), in pre-Exodus times. Since she was born sentient, that 
> means at least one of her parents must have fed on the Whorl 
> (assuming no pre-Exodus humans on Green etc). Which in turn tends 
> to support the idea of Neighbors shuttling inhumi to & fro between 
> Green & Whorl.
> Now this of course indicates another possibility for Jahlee - the 
> same kind of beginnings & placement on the Whorl as Fava; descent 
> to Blue, perhaps in Horn's own lander; and a subsequent Crossing to 
> Green, to give birth to Krait. I note that Krait has the appearance 
> of a boy several years younger than Sinew in OBW, which would fit 
> with Jahlee Crossing to Green at the first conjunction after her 
> attack on Sinew, in Blue year 4.
> A snippet on where the Neighbors went: Silkhorn tells Inclito's 
> family, "They have gone elsewhere - found a new home circling 
> another short sun." (IGJ, p72) At least from that, it seems that 
> the "Neighbor Whorl" is a "real", and the Neighbors' removal there 
> a physical event.
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