(urth) Mamelta is Kypris?- eureka

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 3 17:10:44 PDT 2005

Don said:
>I recall now that one of the theophanies in a
>window shows a reconstituted Pas choking the
>life out of Echidna.  My guess is that this is when
>Scylla fled into Oreb and when Echidna's ban ceased
>to have effect.

So, you figure that the Echidna interface is a security module that
prevented the other modules from displaying their forms to the human
"objects" if they do not meet the required criteria. With Echidna on the
run, she shut down her security functions to reserve power for hiding from
Pas or she had become too corrupted to perform that task. It's not bad
supposing. It's conceivable.

But I think it is suggested that the "Echidna Rule" continued 20 years
afterward. In RTTW pg 110, the Rajan was talking to Hound in Viron:

     "Does Scylla appear in your Sacred Windows?"
     "Oh, that...Not like it used to be I suppose. She comes to the window
in the Grand Manteion two or three times a year, or the augurs say she
~ RTTW pg 110

Now this could be read to say that Hound simply had never been at the Grand
Manteion when the theophanies occurred. But the way he says it, as though
"of course I didn't see with my own eyes", makes me think that the augurs
saw her because they had not had sex with a woman and reported it to Hound
because as a married man he had.

So I think this suggests the Echidna was not *the* security control. The
original Echidna was the one that insisted all of the divine interfaces
(gods) had that control, and so that was the way it worked regardless of the
persistence or corruption of the Echidna interface.


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