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Wed Aug 3 12:31:44 PDT 2005

--- "Roy C. Lackey" <rclackey at stic.net> wrote:

> I think this quote answers Crush's question, which
> was:
> >>Sooo...how does Silk see Kypris and Pas at the end
> of The Long Sun after
> his wedding night with Hy when it is a rule that he
> cannot if he, as a man,
> has had sex with a woman?<<
> My conservative opinion is that Silk's rejection, in
> his heart, of Echidna
> is what allowed him to continue to see the gods in
> violation of her rule. In
> other words, the inability of those with carnal
> knowledge to see the gods
> was a function of belief. The Outsider outranked the
> gods, and Echidna was a
> hypocrite. The taint Silk felt goes back to Genesis.
Obviously from the text, Silk and Hy had sex.  I
recall now that one of the theophanies in a window
shows a reconstituted Pas choking the life out of
Echidna.  My guess is that this is when Scylla fled
into Oreb and when Echidna's ban ceased to have


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