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> But I think it is suggested that the "Echidna Rule"
> continued 20 years
> afterward. In RTTW pg 110, the Rajan was talking to
> Hound in Viron:
> ***********************
>      "Does Scylla appear in your Sacred Windows?"
>      "Oh, that...Not like it used to be I suppose.
> She comes to the window
> in the Grand Manteion two or three times a year, or
> the augurs say she
> does."
> ~ RTTW pg 110
> ***********************
> Now this could be read to say that Hound simply had
> never been at the Grand
> Manteion when the theophanies occurred. But the way
> he says it, as though
> "of course I didn't see with my own eyes", makes me
> think that the augurs
> saw her because they had not had sex with a woman
> and reported it to Hound
> because as a married man he had.
> So I think this suggests the Echidna was not *the*
> security control. The
> original Echidna was the one that insisted all of
> the divine interfaces
> (gods) had that control, and so that was the way it
> worked regardless of the
> persistence or corruption of the Echidna interface.

Or it could be that there are few functioning windows
anymore.  Half the time the Whorl is in a state of
interrupted power.  Whatever the case, I don't think
that Tartaros was wrong in the way Roy seems to be
suggesting. At the time he spoke, the "rule" was in
effect.  Something must have changed and it appears to
have something to do with Pas' return.


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