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I've almost finished it. I'm liking it a lot. To discuss.

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I have read it - just finished a few minutes ago - and boy do I have thoughts, but most of them have to wait until the spoilage period has passed.

I found it much easier going than A Borrowed Man - until the last four pages or so, where I suddenly had no idea what was going on, and most especially the last line. What the actual hell?

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Has anyone read this, and if so, do you have thoughts?

I re-read A Borrowed Man before reading Interlibrary Loan. I had found A Borrowed Man to be very opaque on first reading, and much more reasonable on a second reading. (This is my normal pattern with Wolfe; each reading produces more clarity.)

I found the first reading of Interlibrary Loan to be even more opaque, and also a bit disjointed. It was by turns weird, scary, and funny. I believe it is actually hard SF rather than Fantasy, which seems to go against a lot of reviews. It could have used another draft. It is extremely sad we will never get one.

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