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Gerry Quinn gerry at bindweed.com
Wed Jan 29 14:21:48 PST 2020

On 29/01/2020 19:14, Gem Caccetta wrote:
> On Wed Jan 29 2020 Ab de Dos wrote:
> "I believe the politically correct accuse Wolfe likewise of being a 
> christian misogynist…"
> I know Wolfe’s portrayal of women has been discussed many times on 
> this list. I found this tidbit from my recent re-reading of Free Live 
> Free interesting:
> Free says…”You like women, don’t you, Mr. Barnes?”
> “Like them?” Taken off guard Barnes considered for a moment. “Not 
> really. I want them, and since I can’t have them, usually, I don’t 
> like them. But I want them, I suppose you could say that. I admire 
> Madame Serpentina.”
> I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Wolfe’s own attitude toward women 
> speaking through Barnes. He could find things to admire in some women, 
> but he didn’t really like them. Just my guess, for what it’s worth.

Presumably Barnes doesn't want men either, and can't have them - so 
should his attitude not be the same?  Clearly he is a misanthrope..

- Gerry Quinn

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