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Wed Jan 29 11:14:30 PST 2020

On Wed Jan 29 2020 Ab de Dos wrote:

"I believe the politically correct accuse Wolfe likewise of being a christian misogynist…"

I know Wolfe’s portrayal of women has been discussed many times on this list. I found this tidbit from my recent re-reading of Free Live Free interesting:
Free says…”You like women, don’t you, Mr. Barnes?”

“Like them?” Taken off guard Barnes considered for a moment. “Not really. I want them, and since I can’t have them, usually, I don’t like them. But I want them, I suppose you could say that. I admire Madame Serpentina.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Wolfe’s own attitude toward women speaking through Barnes. He could find things to admire in some women, but he didn’t really like them. Just my guess, for what it’s worth.
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