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In Urth of the New Son, Wolfe did almost everything differently from what the reading expected, including a compass having six points and south being at the south. Another example is that, in the end end the first book, instead of reaching their destination, the characters are just leaving the city they started in. Another is that, at one point, we find out that the man is the master and the master is the man. It is one of the book's charms.

I do not know if this carries over into Book of the Long Sun and Book of the Short Sun.

Also Book of the New Sun is a trilogy in four (or five) volumes.


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Can you explain more about the 6 compass points? Sounds like it would lend itself to a hexmap, which I have not seen done.

There is a theory about how far Wolfe took the reversal thing. I am not sure I can describe it verbally, but it involves moving Bueno Aires to the other side of the Andes by flipping the globe. It seems to work.

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The most important thing is to have six cardinal points of the compass, not four. Second, to have south be up. I'm not certain that the people from earth carry this over to the new sun, but it would indicate an awareness that, in this series, Wolfe deliberately did everything different from the way we do things.

Rick Norwood

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Okay. I might be sorry I asked this, but who are the �Gene Wolfe� people out there? As you know, I am doing new editions of the six-book The Book of the New Sun series. One nice thing to have would be new maps. I found an artist in France who does this sort of work with flair and panache, but the artist is looking for help with the basic structure of the The Book of the New Sun�s world. If you�re the Gene Wolfe fan who obsesses over this, and has rigorously analyzed all of the maps thus far created (there�s one on Wikipedia, and one created by Gurps, too, among several others)���your help is requested with this project. All I need to know is what is (are) considered the most regarded and considered the most accurate map(s). My map maker can extrapolate from there and make it into something amazing. If you�re that person, who�s really really really into this, and who knows the subject backwards and forwards, please give me a shout!

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