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Can you explain more about the 6 compass points? Sounds like it would 
lend itself to a hexmap, which I have not seen done.

There is a theory about how far Wolfe took the reversal thing. I am not 
sure I can describe it verbally, but it involves moving Bueno Aires to 
the other side of the Andes by flipping the globe. It seems to work.

On 12/6/2020 4:05 PM, Norwood, Frederick Hudson wrote:
> The most important thing is to have six cardinal points of the 
> compass, not four. Second, to have south be up. I'm not certain that 
> the people from earth carry this over to the new sun, but it would 
> indicate an awareness that, in this series, Wolfe deliberately did 
> everything different from the way we do things.
> Best,
> Rick Norwood
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>>         Okay. I might be sorry I asked this, but who are the �Gene
>>         Wolfe� people out there? As you know, I am doing new editions
>>         of the six-book /The Book of the New Sun/ series. One nice
>>         thing to have would be new maps. I found an artist in France
>>         who does this sort of work with flair and panache, but the
>>         artist is looking for help with the basic structure of the
>>         The Book of the New Sun�s world. If you�re the Gene Wolfe fan
>>         who obsesses over this, and has rigorously analyzed all of
>>         the maps thus far created (there�s one on Wikipedia, and one
>>         created by Gurps, too, among several others)���your help is
>>         requested with this project. All I need to know is what is
>>         (are) considered the most regarded and considered the most
>>         accurate map(s). My map maker can extrapolate from there and
>>         make it into something amazing. If you�re that person, who�s
>>         really really /really/ into this, and who knows the subject
>>         backwards and forwards, please give me a shout!
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