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Still have to edit that one heavily - thanks. Robert has convinced me the
salad dressings can match up to the winds. I need to make claims about the
large dark figure who sends Jimmy to Cassie, who tries to kill Gideon etc
before I am done with it - smooth out the edges a bit

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> Marc,
> Still here on Urth.
> That's a fascinating discussion. Thanks for that, to you and Robert.
> Eric
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> Haven't seen anyone post in a while - I wanted to send out a test here and
> update everyone on some progress on one of my last two writeups, Anyone who
> hasn't should join the Gene Wolfe Appreciation society on Facebook as
> discussion is far more lively there than here should consider it. So ...
> an Evil Guest. Thanks to a ton of emails back and forth to Robert Pirkola,
> it really clicked into place for me. I am currently writing it but super
> happy. It's called "here's a coconut" and relies heavily upon the Perseus
> myth. Gideon means the destroyer and so does Perseus, but the embedded
> motifs indicate that enemies become friends - Reis first intends to destroy
> Cassie with the gold then falls in love with her, and his second gift is of
> diamonds. (Also, Abaddon in the bible, the destroyer, is called king of the
> abyss and an angel of destruction - Reis is called an angel for the play,
> and he has a white car to Gideon's black - lots of those color motifs going
> on). Great Cthulu is actually the main character and shows up way earlier
> than we think in another G.C., Gideon Chase, but he is like Hanga walking
> small after he eats the King (Reis means King), though he still eats the
> woman from Perth (perth- is the root word for Perseus). Klauser is a
> reformed "dragon" and the first and last chapters are mirror images set in
> a white house, in which the future and past ambassadors of Woldercan are
> shown pictures of Reis, one when he leaves his ambassadorship and one when
> he arrives (backwards, as the theme of the book is also that the future is
> the past). Thanks to Pirkola also for two of the thematic strains: love
> conquers all, and break open the dark coconut and it is white inside.
> Perseus was conceived in a  shower of gold and Chthulu will be freed from
> R'lyeh and evil when Reis sneaks the gold into his city - the resurrected
> Pat Gomez releases the chains of Diana Diamond and they go off together in
> the storm. The love Reis had for earth, his blue island, and for cassie,
> will be assimilated into Cthulu, who becomes the hero even as he denies
> that good and evil are real. the sea god Poseidon made Cassiopeia into a
> constellation and the reformed sea god Gideon (blow the man down, he sings)
> makes our Cassiopeia into a star, but Wolfe has found a way to make
> Poseidon and Perseus the same figure. When Gideon disappears from the text
> halfway through, the Storm King shows up - he is always the central
> character even though he keeps being confined in boxes and in R''lyeh and
> luggage compartment and the 1X1 space behind Cassie's couch etc, - walking
> small. Even the bat creatures are redeemed through love in this book. Now
> that the barrier to understanding is gone ... I will finish this writeup
> shortly and on to the final one ... which is half written but is still
> missing something, Land Across. I permitted myself one failure on this, so
> in my mind now the project is an unqualified success. Thanks to all who
> helped.
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