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Still here on Urth.


That's a fascinating discussion. Thanks for that, to you and Robert.




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Haven't seen anyone post in a while - I wanted to send out a test here and update everyone on some progress on one of my last two writeups, Anyone who hasn't should join the Gene Wolfe Appreciation society on Facebook as discussion is far more lively there than here should consider it. So ... 


an Evil Guest. Thanks to a ton of emails back and forth to Robert Pirkola, it really clicked into place for me. I am currently writing it but super happy. It's called "here's a coconut" and relies heavily upon the Perseus myth. Gideon means the destroyer and so does Perseus, but the embedded motifs indicate that enemies become friends - Reis first intends to destroy Cassie with the gold then falls in love with her, and his second gift is of diamonds. (Also, Abaddon in the bible, the destroyer, is called king of the abyss and an angel of destruction - Reis is called an angel for the play, and he has a white car to Gideon's black - lots of those color motifs going on). Great Cthulu is actually the main character and shows up way earlier than we think in another G.C., Gideon Chase, but he is like Hanga walking small after he eats the King (Reis means King), though he still eats the woman from Perth (perth- is the root word for Perseus). Klauser is a reformed "dragon" and the first and last chapters are mirror images set in a white house, in which the future and past ambassadors of Woldercan are shown pictures of Reis, one when he leaves his ambassadorship and one when he arrives (backwards, as the theme of the book is also that the future is the past). Thanks to Pirkola also for two of the thematic strains: love conquers all, and break open the dark coconut and it is white inside. Perseus was conceived in a  shower of gold and Chthulu will be freed from R'lyeh and evil when Reis sneaks the gold into his city - the resurrected Pat Gomez releases the chains of Diana Diamond and they go off together in the storm. The love Reis had for earth, his blue island, and for cassie, will be assimilated into Cthulu, who becomes the hero even as he denies that good and evil are real. the sea god Poseidon made Cassiopeia into a constellation and the reformed sea god Gideon (blow the man down, he sings) makes our Cassiopeia into a star, but Wolfe has found a way to make Poseidon and Perseus the same figure. When Gideon disappears from the text halfway through, the Storm King shows up - he is always the central character even though he keeps being confined in boxes and in R''lyeh and luggage compartment and the 1X1 space behind Cassie's couch etc, - walking small. Even the bat creatures are redeemed through love in this book. Now that the barrier to understanding is gone ... I will finish this writeup shortly and on to the final one ... which is half written but is still missing something, Land Across. I permitted myself one failure on this, so in my mind now the project is an unqualified success. Thanks to all who helped. 

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