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Fire and water, yes ... but that still doesn’t give me what I need here.

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> And violet is more of a mix between blue and red, the color of the planets
> involved. However, besides the red cars (Geraldine, female persona of male
> comedian flip Wilson) ... what is red? What to do with this?
> On Monday, October 1, 2018, Marc Aramini <marcaramini at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Also, there is a scene in which ern claims that water vapor makes the sky
>> on the other planet so blue. Normally this would be just a little
>> inaccuracy, but given the name of the Coldbrooks and the prominence of the
>> color blue (from the blue and white clothes of the mother to the blue and
>> white planet pictured next to the red planet choked by a snake on Murder on
>> Mars to the man in blue looking for him to the blue smock of Chick to the
>> blue trimmed shirt he pulls on from Cob’s room to .... the violet instead
>> of blue eyes of Colette?!!!!!!! How does that interrogation go with Payne
>> and fish - it dwells on the color of her eyes So ... blue indicative of a
>> Coldbrook or a fragment of a coldbrook - an error which tells a symbolic
>> truth.
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