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And violet is more of a mix between blue and red, the color of the planets
involved. However, besides the red cars (Geraldine, female persona of male
comedian flip Wilson) ... what is red? What to do with this?

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> Also, there is a scene in which ern claims that water vapor makes the sky
> on the other planet so blue. Normally this would be just a little
> inaccuracy, but given the name of the Coldbrooks and the prominence of the
> color blue (from the blue and white clothes of the mother to the blue and
> white planet pictured next to the red planet choked by a snake on Murder on
> Mars to the man in blue looking for him to the blue smock of Chick to the
> blue trimmed shirt he pulls on from Cob’s room to .... the violet instead
> of blue eyes of Colette?!!!!!!! How does that interrogation go with Payne
> and fish - it dwells on the color of her eyes So ... blue indicative of a
> Coldbrook or a fragment of a coldbrook - an error which tells a symbolic
> truth.
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