(urth) some help? Mary King (famous equestrian), Riverman (famous stud horse), and horse races vs. the Odal rune (inheritance) in Sorcerer's house (Marc Aramini)

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Okay, I see what you mean about the dreamlike nature of the dinner scene having looked at the start of it again.  A couple of things popped into my mind in doing so.  First, just before they run into Kiki, whose name is a palindrome and who speaks palindromically.  This in a chapter at the heart of a book of mirrored halves.  If the kikimora is associated with the foxface and they meet her on the trip to the restaurant and on the return trip from the restaurant they meet Mary King, then they should be different.
Mary King phonetically is close to "American".  Doris introduces herself and then asks the apparition for her name which she says is "Mary King".  If she responds "American" and disappears, what does this signify?  On page 155 when Bax is writing to Shell before the Silver Bullets chapters, Mary King is inquired after, even though we won't meet her for several more chapters.  Just before he asks that question, Bax refers to Doris as his "American girlfriend".  Doris = Mary King.
If Doris is otherwise associated with Lupine then the divisions of the characters breaks out more evenly:

Doris/Mary King/Lupine
Martha Murrey/Kiki/Foxface

On May 10, 2018 Marc Aramini wrote:
>The question is in how to divide the
>two spirits that are not "real" - they exist, but they aren't of everyday
>stuff. One would seem to be Kiki and the other Lupine, but she wears skins.
>It is not clear which Mary King is associated with.
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