(urth) some help? Mary King (famous equestrian), Riverman (famous stud horse), and horse races vs. the Odal rune (inheritance) in Sorcerer's house (Marc Aramini)

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The one breasted amazon is also ambiguous in gender: is it doris who thinks
it is male? The jeweler insists it is female. Mary King has a name which
could imply a doubled royal gender as  Queen of Heaven King, and ... when
that guy who introduces himself as Emlyn calls Winker a HE for no reason in
the world, we might start to question the nature of the house spirit, given
that a queen and a king seem to show up in the fairy ring, along with the
dwarf and lupine, as Winkle shows Bax, though he realizes it is a dream
(quite correctly in my reading).

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> I've been thinking about this for a bit and am not really clear what you
> mean by the dreaminess of the scene with Cathy Ruth and the gnome-jeweler
> who exclaims about Bax's sapphire ring but refuses to talk about
> Skotos.  The scene is in a letter to George for one so the b.s. radar
> should start flashing there.  Is that what you are talking about?  In any
> event, your trianulus theory is very strong in my opinion and perhaps it
> lends some insight into that scene.    Are you saying that there are three
> layers to the narrative and that most persons and significant items in the
> book have three natures?  I read your thesis as Fantasy (highest order
> fabrication)/ Myth/(Tall Tale?) (middle order) / "Reality" (lowest order of
> fabrication).  I feel like you've talked about this kind of hierarchy
> before in your short story write-ups (or somewhere!) but in relation to a
> hierarchy of mimesis.  Is this similar in your view?  If so, it is
> interesting that Cathy Ruth could plausibly be a fabrication (she is never
> in the presence of George, having been safely tucked into a car after her
> "rape" just before his arrival at the house).  She could be used as a way
> to ratchet up the plausibility of Bax's story to George by coming out and
> showing that a journalist is sniffing around about the supernatural
> rumors.  In any event, it struck me on rereading some parts that Cathy Ruth
> is supposed to be raped by the dwarf but when the dwarf is seen with a
> woman it is one that doesn't match her description at all (I think it was
> Madame Orizia?).  It seems like this is the woman that was captured and
> should have been raped so is there some type of hierarchical relationship
> between Cathy Ruth and Madame Orizia?  And if so who represents which
> level?  And who is the third?  A clue might be found in Orizia's name
> meaning which seems to be derived from that of an Amazon queen Orithyia
> (the daughter of Marpesia, which apropos of your previous post, is the name
> of a butterfly!  I feel a wave of apophenia coming on).  Remember the coin
> that has a depiction of a one-breasted Amazon?  This starts to connect a
> smidge.  Getting back to the restaurant scene, Bax's ring is talked about
> as a beautiful example of sapphire.  Elsewhere  it is a fire opal.  Still
> elsewhere it is Ted's ho-hum wedding ring.  One, two, three levels of the
> hierarchy.  Skotos Strip (reality), Black House (myth), what's the third
> property?  The castle (fantasy)?  Have you put these relationships into a
> table and see how they look next to each other?  And I just remembered I
> wanted to ask . . . What of the Tarot deck the chapters are supposed to
> represent?  And what about Letters 22 and 23 (both called Silver
> Bullets) being smack in the middle with 21 letters either side?  Are these
> significant?  I have brought up the concept of chiasmus and ring
> composition in the context of AEG but it seems like if it were used it
> would be used in this book given the prominence of rings in the text.
> Heck, even Musashi Miyamoto is mentioned along with his Book of Five
> Rings(!).  Anyhow, these are a smattering of my thoughts just now.
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