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I am still working on the Wizard Knight writeup because I am striving for
the optimum organization in order to be as convincing as possible. I will
set this up far more carefully in the writeup.

Though I strongly dislike when Borski collapses many characters into Inire
at great length in his analysis of New Sun, I feel this is unavoidable in
Wizard Knight due to the letter associations - O signifies the same threat
of strangulation and starvation whether it is the helpless manifestation of
the baby Ossar, the cannibalistic attacks of the Osterlings, or the
strangling hands of Org. The question is whether Org is Able (Arthur's) or
Bold (Ben's) defense mechanism, contra Gylf (G) (Able will "die" and ascend
to Skai (S) on the back of the Griffin (G))

At the start when Able (A) comes to the Griffin (G) (and he and Bold (B)
will eventually sit together on its banks), he talks to some fishermen like
Scaur (S) about ghost stories and planting his seed. Oesterlings (O) have
razed Bluestone (B) castle. You can put the letters in from here.

Schildstarr attacks Glennidam when Bold loses his shadow; when Org comes to
Sheerwall, Master Thope is stabbed. Schildstarr and Thiazi form an alliance
after Gilling is injured, but Svon and Toug fight. Org strangles, but Able
gives the starving child Ossar to the aelf and receives Gylf in exchange
(as he himself starves in that scene). Later, Svon and Toug will discuss
how each of them have a monster (through Svon's broken nose) - these
monsters are of course Org and Gylf. Garsecg is Setr, Arnthor's brother.  S
and T are extensions of the A and B brother cognate, with their aggressive
defense mechanisms attacking each other as O and G. This even works in Skai
(S) when Able fights the Giants (G) of Winter and Old Knight - he even
comes to Modgud,  (Mag, Mom, etc) whose womb gestates for a thousand years
(!!!) to face her in her immensity, becoming the Green Knight for a time
when his head is cut off (see where I am going with that?). We have a two
headed turtle, a two headed giant, and, in the talk of Bold Berthed, the
girl Skjena has six fingers - abnormal growths.

The question is whether Tough or Svon corresponds with Able or Bold, the
twins who will be reconciled into one individual on the final pages and
become a chimeric individual (Bold survives and vanquishes Schildstarr in
the sky). Gilling, Gylf, Garsecg and even Garvaon are all manifestations of
the same aspect of Able's subconscious, some kind, some brutal, but do they
represent the other/brother or himself? judging from the defeat of
Schidlstarr and the orders of S and T compared to A and B ... should Svon
linked to Able and Toug to Bold? Svon and Toug have different monsters in
that battle scene because they perceive the threat of the other child,
taking resources, in different ways.

(I set this up by looking at the dreams in conjunction first in the writeup
and going into the mythological background quite a bit - hopefully I can
finish it soon. Almost every scene keeps repeating the same patterns, even
Huld's ghostly warning - you fear the sister - fear the brother.)

When Bold discusses how Able would have run when Schildstarr attacked, Able
says, no I wouldn't  - you didn't, aren't we the same? (near this scene he
sees two spiny orange trees - one cut down and another grown - this doesn't
make sense on the plot level, but it does make sense metaphorically.) When
Able comes to mythgarthr, he has struggles with both young Toug (who tries
to take his bow) and young Svon, Svon, too, says that he has been harassed
by the aelf at the camp. At this point those struggles should probably be
considered internal in nature. So while all of these will eventually
collapse into the surviving Bold/Ben character thanks to Able's sacrifice
... is Able related to Svon or is Bold? Sounds ridiculous, I know. The
goose that arnthor splits in two at the feast is stuffed with all kinds of
other birds inside it, and that's what we have in this story.
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