(urth) Sorcerer's House writeup done at last.

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Just being lame I suppose.

Op 2-6-2018 om 04:07 schreef Marc Aramini:
> This was tough. Late Wolfe is way trickier than I would like him to be 
> for my peace of mind. I suggest readers who want a head start on this 
> and have not stayed up to date on my posts look up the Lamia of 
> Corinth and Apollonius, as well as the Kikimora and the stories of 
> Knecht Ruprecht and Zwarte Piet, though I include all the pertinent 
> information eventually. The Lamia of Corinth has the ability to 
> generate the illusion of a mansion and servants from nothing, is 
> ambiguously gendered (like the figure on the golden coin from Corinth 
> in the text), is identified by a terrible stench, and has terrible 
> eyes which she can remove (see the eyes of Lupine and the vampire 
> butler Nicholas and the stench which accompanies them.) In addition 
> ... ... ... she drinks the blood of children. So does Nicholas the 
> butler. Her illusions are never pierced in this text, because she 
> strangles Ambrosius (as Goldwurm, of course!) and throws him in the 
> river (In the historical biography, Apollonius pierces though her 
> illusions by identifying here.) Guess what never appears in the text 
> of the novel? You guessed it - the name Lamia. Why you do this to me, 
> Gene?https://pastebin.com/B7yGz57Q
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