(urth) Sorcerer's House writeup done at last.

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This was tough. Late Wolfe is way trickier than I would like him to be for
my peace of mind. I suggest readers who want a head start on this and have
not stayed up to date on my posts look up the Lamia of Corinth and
Apollonius, as well as the Kikimora and the stories of Knecht Ruprecht and
Zwarte Piet, though I include all the pertinent information eventually. The
Lamia of Corinth has the ability to generate the illusion of a mansion and
servants from nothing, is ambiguously gendered (like the figure on the
golden coin from Corinth in the text), is identified by a terrible stench,
and has terrible eyes which she can remove (see the eyes of Lupine and the
vampire butler Nicholas and the stench which accompanies them.) In addition
... ... ... she drinks the blood of children. So does Nicholas the butler.
Her illusions are never pierced in this text, because she strangles
Ambrosius (as Goldwurm, of course!) and throws him in the river (In the
historical biography, Apollonius pierces though her illusions by
identifying here.) Guess what never appears in the text of the novel? You
guessed it - the name Lamia. Why you do this to me, Gene?
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