(urth) first half of sorcerer's house write up

Marc Aramini marcaramini at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 08:33:10 PST 2018

So I am going to revise this slightly to conclude that the house is conning the con man. I still think he is trying to get his brother to come and the reading of the will is a set up with the intention of true revenge, but the House spirit is corrupting his dreams (Orizia reveals that at one point his trip to fairyland is a dream from which he awakes). No sorcerous inheritance will be forthcoming. 

The last issue, given that leshy or Chort (the black one) is surrounded by wolves and bears (and bax sees a leering bear with the face of a man on one haunt through the woods) involves the Greek and the silent man who seems to be Nicholas in Sheldon’s letters. The men bax defrauded coming after him? How did that man wind up in the trunk, which clearly contained something vile if the smell and temperature (though it rattled) were to be trusted, as Madame Orizia says? Warm and cold are also associated with fortune and the Kikimora - with cold indicating bad news. 

Doris’ letter says that she fears she may wind up as crazy as Kiki, granting her external corroboration. 

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