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The question here is whether bax, who is being conned by house spirits, is guilty of setting up the man in the trunk who looks like the man who threatens iron mike in Shell’s letters, who hangs out with “the Greek”.  That might not be supernatural, but the inheriting of power from black is just a fevered dream - the Kikimora are set on ruining relationships with real women (probably Doris Rose griffin - there’s a reason she has that middle name)

Bax is trying to con his brother but his dreams get away from him. The House spirits are agitated when there is family strife. The sniffing out of the candle, wolves and bears, talking dogs, spectral appearances of the owner, sexy women in dreams - all are features of associated with the Kikimora and her husband, and Martha Murrey calling herself a scarecrow implicates her as a manifestation of a house spirit as well, given Kikimora in some traditions means scarecrow.
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> On Jan 7, 2018, at 4:37 AM, Ab de Vos <foxyab at casema.nl> wrote:
> I could not find triannulis. I did find annulus. Trianullis might mean with three annulluses
> https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/annulus#Latin
> The translations of annulus on the wike page like Portuguese: anel   or Corsican: anellu make clear the proximity to the word leuan.
> Op 5-1-2018 om 21:41 schreef Marc Aramini:
>> While the strange symbol of the three-ringed triannulis serves
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