(urth) Palaemon as Hierodule

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I don't think having Ossipago and Famulimus being born of Apheta is implied
by the text - there is a whole scene in Urth on the ship that implies they
were "raised" from an aquatic biosphere, though it was in the future.

I've never bought that Inire was Ceryx. I don't think Ossipago and
Famulimus are Severian's twin partners - men evolve into the heiros, who
move on and leave behind the hierogammates, who raise up the hierodules -
thats a lot of speciation between the human Severian and the hierodules.
They live in time but travel backwards by jumps - I think Borski gets this
wrong - it isn't a true Merlin situation where time works on any of these
creatures in reverse. If they travel backwards, they will be older in the
past, aging as they make jumps. There is plenty of indication that many
powers are aware of what Severian might be, and perhaps Palaemon is in
contact with them. I accept almost none of Borski's premises, so my input
isn't very useful here.

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 8:31 AM, David Stockhoff <dstockhoff at verizon.net>

> Yes, I recall the discussions of onomastics. I apologize for digging all
> this up but it seems some questions that Borski partly answered are
> otherwise completely unanswered. My questions below are for anybody....
> I think his identification of saints versus mythical names in BOTNS is
> sound and should be used to suggest possibilities. What I'm interested in
> is the logical support for those possibilities. Much of what Borski
> concludes is logical, but much of it approaches paranoia.
> (1) I know of no other theory to explain or "fill in" Inire. However,
> collapsing everyone into Ossipago and Famulimus seems excessive.
> Question #1: Where then does Inire come from, if he is from the future? If
> he is Ceryx, we know how he dies.
> Question #2: Where do Ossipago and Famulimus end up? If they are
> Severian's twin-partners, we know how they were born.
> (2) The Old Leech should be somebody.
> Question #3: Who is he if not the exiled Palaemon? It's hard to imagine
> Palaemon giving Severian Terminus Est if he didn't at least know who
> Severian was.
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