(urth) Palaemon as Hierodule

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Yes, I recall the discussions of onomastics. I apologize for digging all 
this up but it seems some questions that Borski partly answered are 
otherwise completely unanswered. My questions below are for anybody....

I think his identification of saints versus mythical names in BOTNS is 
sound and should be used to suggest possibilities. What I'm interested 
in is the logical support for those possibilities. Much of what Borski 
concludes is logical, but much of it approaches paranoia.

(1) I know of no other theory to explain or "fill in" Inire. However, 
collapsing everyone into Ossipago and Famulimus seems excessive.

If you take the reverse-time travel implications (Apheta as mother of 
Ossipago and Famulimus) to their logical conclusions, Inire is a being 
similar to the Heirodules yet fundamentally different from them. As 
Inire, he is aged and apelike, but if he is Ceryx, he is young. So that 
fits. The time loop then encompasses almost everything, including Inire. 
(As it should, because Severian's time-loop is not very different from 
the delusional worlds built by other Wolfe characters.)

Question #1: Where then does Inire come from, if he is from the future? 
If he is Ceryx, we know how he dies.

Question #2: Where do Ossipago and Famulimus end up? If they are 
Severian's twin-partners, we know how they were born.

(2) The Old Leech should be somebody.

Question #3: Who is he if not the exiled Palaemon? It's hard to imagine 
Palaemon giving Severian Terminus Est if he didn't at least know who 
Severian was.

On 2/19/2018 12:04 AM, Marc Aramini wrote:
> When onomastics and onanism become synonymous   ... at the point when 
> he derived an allusive mythical name from another allusive mythical 
> name using onomastics my blood pressure probably spiked to 200/130

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