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I come across as a tyrant all the time. I am trying to change my public
image, and you have to go and ask about some specific Borski theory...

Whether it is widely accepted or not (i’d say no) ... it has very little
textual evidence and I choose not to believe it. But you can believe
whatever you want.

Borski’s validity is in linking apes to inire, but I think he goes way too
far in collapsing very different characters into each other and often uses
circular arguments (Agia is related to Severian because of the golden light
that touches her hair and the golden light touches her hair because she is
related to Severian, as one possibly spurious example I may have made up-
but he does stuff like that.)

Grains of salt like solar systems ...

On Sunday, February 18, 2018, David Stockhoff <dstockhoff at verizon.net>

> I've been reading bits of Borski, with whom I am not very familiar.
> He proposes that after Palaemon was exiled (at the same age as Severian),
> rather than returning, he was replaced by a masked Hierodule who watches
> over Severian.
> He further proposes that there are only two Hierodules, male and female,
> and that these aliens are also Inire and the Cumaean, among others.
> Palaemon himself then became the unnamed Old Leech who travels with Vodalus.
> Is this theory widely accepted ?
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