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Sun Feb 18 07:11:23 PST 2018

Severian's position in Thrax bears only the slightest suggestive 
resemblance to that of a Roman lictor. There is no "as such" here.

Wolfe does not mention God or Borges either.

On 2/18/2018 12:50 AM, Gerry Leb wrote:
> In Thrax, based on the letter from The Guild, Severian is appointed 
> Lictor. As such, he is the chief law enforcement officer of Thrax, 
> responsible for the prison, the barbican, the personal security of the 
> Archon, and also, in the final scene of his holding of the office, he 
> is detailed to perform the murder of a subject, Cyriaca. He refuses to 
> kill her, and flees. In the book, as far as I can recall, there are no 
> references to Severian in any context that could possibly be connected 
> to the earthly faith of Mithraism.

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