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Yes, Urth is one of the three Norns - as are the names given to the future
Mars and Venus in tBotNS (Verthandi and ... duh, something else...).

And there is, I think, some evidence that the cacogens are telling the Old
Autarch what to do...at least, it looks that way to me in Book Two.

Dan'l Danehy-Oakes

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On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 10:18 AM, Ab de Vos <foxyab at casema.nl> wrote:

> They may be colonists in the sense of random settlers in another country,
> like ex-pats. But not in the sense of a imperialistic colonization scheme
> such as in Cerberus. There is I believe no indication that the autarch is
> subjected to the kakogens which would have pointed to a foreign power
> ruling. A foreign power ruling indigenous elites is a sure sign of
> colonization, like the Dutch East Indies.
> By the way. Yesterday I read in a piece about Lovecraft that Urth means
> 'fate' and also 'turn' or 'bend' in Old Norse. The word 'weird' is derived
> from it. I was always thinking 'urth' was a simple bastardization of earth.
> Anybody knew this? It was a surprise to me. Fate and the turning of deep
> time.
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> > Probably Urth is a galactic backwater visited by aliens, some of them
> > like the sea monster living on Urth. No colonization scheme I think.
> Rather it strikes me that Abaia's undines are indeed colonists, or among
> them. It's not clear if they are beings who have swum here across space,
> or Urthly humans who were given such power with their collossal size.
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