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They may be colonists in the sense of random settlers in another 
country, like ex-pats. But not in the sense of a imperialistic 
colonization scheme such as in Cerberus. There is I believe no 
indication that the autarch is subjected to the kakogens which would 
have pointed to a foreign power ruling. A foreign power ruling 
indigenous elites is a sure sign of colonization, like the Dutch East 

By the way. Yesterday I read in a piece about Lovecraft that Urth means  
'fate' and also 'turn' or 'bend' in Old Norse. The word 'weird' is 
derived from it. I was always thinking 'urth' was a simple 
bastardization of earth. Anybody knew this? It was a surprise to me. 
Fate and the turning of deep time.

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On 9/27/2017 4:12 PM, Ab de Vos wrote:
> Probably Urth is a galactic backwater visited by aliens, some of them 
> like the sea monster living on Urth. No colonization scheme I think. 

Rather it strikes me that Abaia's undines are indeed colonists, or among
them. It's not clear if they are beings who have swum here across space,
or Urthly humans who were given such power with their collossal size.

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