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Wed Nov 15 20:57:13 PST 2017

Everyone knows what I am writing, amidst other academic work.

 I’m teaching again and this semester I had the chance to teach world lit
for science majors ... the course description says from antiquity to the
present so I figured I would push a narrative of violence and competition
as the motivator for progress. Started with Hesiod and Gilgamesh, went
through the Iliad and the Aeneid, through the renaissance and
Enlightenment. Just got to the 20th century this week and taught Brighter
Than a Thousand Suns about the Manhattan Project - had Oppenheimer’s
granddaughter come in and talk to them today. The next few weeks we are
going through some of the modernists before I totally screw them by making
them explain Fifth Head of Cerberus to me on the second to last day ... I
have lectured the whole semester save for a few poetry exercises for them
... let’s see how it goes.

Otherwise not reading much for pleasure only for work.
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