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Jeffery Wilson clueland.com jwilson at clueland.com
Wed Oct 15 23:29:06 PDT 2014

On 10/15/2014 1:06 PM, Lee wrote:
> In more scientific terms, I am willing to accept that gravity accelerates objects everywhere on earth
> at 9.8m/sec/sec because we have been to most places on earth, we have good evidence earth is a
> sphere, we've done massive experimentation in a variety of conditions, etc.

The massive experimentation confirms the earth is not a sphere, does not 
have uniform acceleration due to gravity, and this was first suspected 
by flawed people no later than the 19th century, assuming you are 
willing to agree to the flawed calendar and the flawed invention of the 
printing press that was used to publish the flawed papers they wrote 
about it.


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