(urth) resurrecting a 2002 thread that posits an alternative lineage for Sev

Norwood, Frederick Hudson NORWOODR at mail.etsu.edu
Tue Oct 7 08:00:14 PDT 2014

First, let me apologize for getting Marc and Lee mixed up.  When I read an amalgam of many posts, I sometimes get confused about who is doing what, with what, and to whom.

Even though I’m not a Christian, I do respond emotionally and intellectually to the Christianity in Wolfe, and think it adds a lot to his fiction.  (As it does to the fiction of Tolkien and Lewis, two more favorite authors of mine.)

Aliens who use a different number base is a red herring.  The math is the same, independently of the language in which it is written.  In any case, Wolfe writes (mostly) in English.

And I really do think there are right and wrong interpretations of literature.  As somebody said (Marc?  Lee?), the ghost of Hamlet’s father is not an alien.  That interpretation would be just plain wrong.

Rick Norwood
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