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Recurrent small floods might heighten the floor and get the door stuck?
(I don't remember what the paving was.)

On 21 November 2014 17:50, Robert Pirkola <rpirkola at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I supposed that was why it was called a faithless door, but I guess I was
> more interested
> in whether the term was a common one or was coined by Wolfe.  If it
> weren't coined by
> Wolfe, then I supposed that it might provide some insight into the nature
> of the mausoleum.
> How could such a heavy door be faithless?  It is implied that the door is
> so heavy
> that it will never be closed.  If that is so, how was it ever opened in
> the first place?  And by whom?
> Certainly not by a stray gust of wind like the faithless screen door at my
> house!
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